We are a computational genomics lab in the USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery in the University of Utah School of Medicine. We are at the leading edge of development in two main areas:
Algorithm Development
Historically, we have focused on the development of algorithms and software tools for tasks ranging from DNA sequence alignment, through short variant calling and mobile element insertion discovery. We continue to be at the forefront of algorithm development in variant discovery, cancer genomics and graph genome analysis. The software (link?) page summarizes the projects that we are pursuing.
Genomic Analysis
We work closely with our partners in the Quinlan and Yandell labs to integrate our tools into pipelines that support the research community and medical professionals in understanding and analyzing human genetics and disease. Our flagship iobio project (link?) is being developed to put these tools at the fingertips of anyone wishing to analyze big genomic data. Harnessing intuitive and interactive visualizations and real-time genomic analyses, we are opening the door to the genomic revolution to everyone.